Don’t Limit Yourself

In high school I had a constant desire to be off the radar. I didn’t want people to know me. I wanted to be unseen and for the most part, I believe I was successful. Sometimes I think I just spent most of my time in a practice room, playing my music and enjoying alone time. That was a lonely time. I think everyone can understand what I mean when I say I constantly felt lonely surrounded by tons of people. That had just been a constant in my life and then I got to college.


As a kid, I had the dream of becoming a singer and having a music career. As the years went on and I grew up, the dream faded into a more attainable profession; a music teacher. It was interesting to just slowly let your dreams fade away without really realizing it. I easily began to settle for a simple life. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t really my dream. I thought I was okay with settling. I felt okay with just being “okay” for the rest of my life. That changed with one person.


I remember it, the day things slowly started to change. It started with some simple words from a friend of mine, “Don’t Limit Yourself.” I remember how angry I was when my friend said that. I think I was angry really because I knew I was limiting myself. I had let my dream die and it saddened me.


I was really just afraid to follow my dreams. The ‘what ifs’ scared me to death and turned me away from taking any risks. Slowly, I began to gain the courage to change. I showed my music to my friend, Tucker, and he was ecstatic. He loved it and I was surprised. He eventually talked me into showing more people my music and I did, and I was overwhelmed by the love and support I received. It was very emotional to see the positive outcome of a ‘what if’. That was all only a little over a year ago, and now I’m releasing my own music, I’ve made a Facebook page, I’ve been in a real music studio, and I’m pushing myself toward my dreams no matter the ‘what if’.

What I’m really trying to say here is that life is too short to sell yourself short.

Do not settle if you do not want to.


Move to that big city, go to that big school, apply for that job. Don’t worry about the ‘what ifs’. You have to take a chance if you’re ever going to change. You have to move your feet if you ever want to grow.

For me, it took one person to help me see my potential, and to help me change and grow. It took one person to tell me I’m worth it and that I can do it. So I’m telling you, you can change, you can grow, and you are worth it. I never thought I’d change and grow and do the things that I’ve done, but I have. And the outcome has been good. The outcome has been beautiful and I find myself racing forward at a rapid speed and it’s amazing.


If you write your own music, put it out there, who cares what it sounds like? It came from your heart and that is beautiful. If you want to invent the next big app or social media platform then do it. Get researching and make it happen. If you want to travel the world and see all the beautiful things laid on this earth, then go get some pamphlets and start saving. Do not limit yourself. Please. Go on an adventure. Get off the couch, get off your phone, and get out there.

I cannot wait to see you grow.


See you again,



1 thought on “Don’t Limit Yourself”

  1. I LOVE this, Victoria! This seriously made me misty eyed. You know how to say just the right things here. This honestly inspires me, and motivates me to also want to take on the “what ifs”. I too want to live my passion and dream, and I know I have to work hard to do so and can’t be scared of such things like “what ifs”, the risks are worth taking if it gets me where I want to go. I’ve also started listening to a podcast and failures are sometimes also necessary in order to grow, we just have to embrace them, move on and become stronger because of it. Because you have gained the courage to face your fears, challenges, and “what ifs” you’re able to pursue what you love and have become an inspiration along the way. Keep it up! You’re doing amazing and will continue to do so, it’s a pleasure to watch you grow. 😊💕


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