A Crowded Room

I wrote Mountains on a Saturday in the middle of March.

Who would’ve known how much life was changing and going to change?

I wrote this after returning home from spring break this past year. I spent my spring break down in Alabama among fried catfish and beautiful rolling hills. On our second to last night in Alabama, my uncle took us to a small catfish diner in one of the small towns nearby. They were having an open mic night. I felt very out of place around all of these people and I wasn’t ever one to get up and just sing in front of strangers. The woman in charge of the event came over and talked to us because she knew my uncle. He told her how I was a musician and had brought my guitar and everything. She told me I should get up and sing and I politely declined.


So we ordered our food and people began getting up to sing. Some people were amazing and some just sang from the heart, each one of them made me smile either way. There I was, sitting in the back, gnawing on a chicken fried steak, when the woman called out to me from the front, “Hey, girl in the back, from Iowa or whatever, get up here!” My heart fell to my stomach. Everyone’s attention went to the back of the room, all eyes on me. I sighed and got up and walked toward the front as everyone clapped. I asked the musicians if they knew a simple song called “Sweet Violets”. They began strumming chords as we figured out the key and then I sang. I sang in front of a crowd of people that I didn’t know, in a place I wasn’t from, at the most random moment of my life.


When it was all over I was in awe of myself. It may seem like something small to most people, but for me, that was a big moment. The simplest big moment. And I wanted to tell him all about it. I wanted him to know that I just conquered such a big fear in my life and I did it without him.


But I couldn’t tell him. I couldn’t talk to him. I started thinking about all that had happened and how much I grew through that relationship and how much I continue to grow since then.


See you again,



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