Used To

I tend to have a problem with staying stuck in my past. I sit in my room and dwell on what used to be and who I used to be and it eats away at me. I think back to another time where life seemed simpler, but in reality, I know it wasn’t. Life was just as complicated before as it is now, but time is a liar and it makes us forget.


The song “Used To” means a lot to me. I wrote it at a really dark time in my life and I really enjoy the simplicity of it. “Used To” is basically about me feeling sorry for myself. Gross, I know, but we all have those moments.

I just kept remembering all of the good times I had in my past, most specifically with one person. My mind would conjure up every good memory it could find and therefore made me miss it. It made me miss who I was when I was with that person. It made me miss that person terribly. I couldn’t move on. I was stuck in my past.


I had to force myself to remember that it wasn’t all some fairy tale love story. We fought, we disagreed, we both had our doubts, and those are the things that ended our relationship. At the time of writing this song though, I was far from all those realizations. All I could think about was what I used to have and how I used to feel and how at this moment, all I feel is empty.

It’s okay to feel sad sometimes and to dwell a bit in your past, but please, do not do it every day. You have to look forward and you have to know there are better things coming for you.

It ended because it wasn’t meant to last forever.

If you gather anything from this song, I hope it is self recognition. This song helped me realize a lot about myself, most importantly, that it’s okay to not be who I used to be. There’s so much room to grow.


I will be releasing the music video tomorrow, but until then, take a listen right here to my new song, “Used To”.

See you again,


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