Don’t Settle

The other day I stumbled across a very philosophical video on Facebook that talked about how life is not a journey and that we need to learn to enjoy every moment. It made me step back and look at my life. I spend far too much time in the past and too much time waiting for “someday”.


Everyone has a different idea as to what is important in life and what makes people happy. I truly think it’s about the experiences that we have and the people we share those experiences with. I’m tired of laying around all day, watching TV shows, and feeling sorry for myself. There are so many things I long for, but I don’t do anything about it.


I sit here day after day and wonder when is my life going to start? My life has already started. This is it, right now, in all it’s fast paced blurry glory. Our lives have already started and it’s up to us to decide if we’re going to do something with them. I don’t want to sit around for the rest of my life watching other people accomplish their dreams while I settle for less.


I refuse to cheat myself out of having a beautiful life and you should too. Please do not settle.


Go out and experience life. See things. Create beauty. Get your hands dirty and your minds a little messy and dip your toes into that cliche fountain of youth. Plan some crazy road trip and then actual go! Dream up some big plan and then make it happen. Tell yourself that you’re good enough to deserve a magnificent life. Don’t sell yourself short. I know I won’t be.


See you again,


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