With Open Arms


Hello friends!

Let me start off by apologizing for the lack of content lately! I am still trying to figure out how to squeeze The Lone Daisy into my school schedule.


I want to share something with you today that I think is very important because it applies to a lot of people and problems in this world.


When I was younger, I had this problem with staying set in my mind about everything. Everything was so black and white; right and wrong, good and bad, proper and rude. By closing myself off from the world and from other people I began to grow a toxic little bubble inside myself. I resented people who weren’t like me and didn’t think like me. That toxic bubble just kept growing and growing until it filled my body up and I was surely going to burst.


Over time though, I have learned to open myself. I’ve started talking about my personal problems, I’ve been trying new things, and I’ve been opening myself up to more people. I’ve been very afraid to do that for years now because of how people have treated me in the past. When people do us wrong, we tend to close ourselves off and put up guards. We say, “I’m never letting that happen again. That was too much.” The problem with that is that you are cheating yourself out of beautiful friendships and relationships. You are cheating yourself in this life if you cut yourself off from everyone.


Let me be clear, although you may not believe me…Not everyone is bad.


Please approach people with an open heart and an open mind. Give people a chance to show you their real soul and allow them to see yours as well. It is the most healing thing I’ve ever encountered.


Keep your chin up, good things will come.


See you again,


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