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A little more hope, a little more peace

My hope for myself this year is to not exactly “stop” the storm that my life is, but to learn to ride the waves of the small hurricanes that life brings me.

I Love You Like That

This is my first blog post on behalf of The Lone Daisy. It would be an understatement to say I am nervous to be writing something in hopes that regular readers might find it as motivational and uplifting as Victoria's previous posts. It may sound cliche, but I kind of want to talk a little… Continue reading I Love You Like That

With Open Arms

  Hello friends! Let me start off by apologizing for the lack of content lately! I am still trying to figure out how to squeeze The Lone Daisy into my school schedule.   I want to share something with you today that I think is very important because it applies to a lot of people… Continue reading With Open Arms

Don’t Settle

The other day I stumbled across a very philosophical video on Facebook that talked about how life is not a journey and that we need to learn to enjoy every moment. It made me step back and look at my life. I spend far too much time in the past and too much time waiting… Continue reading Don’t Settle

A Daisy Does Not Pretend to Be a Rose

Most of the time, I feel like collapsing in on myself. I feel like folding myself up into a small box and staying there, sitting in a corner of some back room, never to be opened again. You wouldn’t know this by looking at my Facebook, or my Instagram, or by even talking to me… Continue reading A Daisy Does Not Pretend to Be a Rose